The Office of the Vice President for Research hosts a series of Scholarly Excellence Rallies to inform the university community and stakeholders within the State of New Mexico about the most significant research and creative activities of NMSU’s faculty and staff.  These Rallies honor faculty and staff for excellence and are designed to elevate awareness about NMSU’s scholarly efforts, their breadth and diversity,  and their impact on the New Mexico community and elsewhere.   Rally honorees will include researchers and project leaders for bringing significant external funding to the university, as well as faculty and staff for recognized scholarly achievements nominated by peers.  Students, faculty, campus leadership, government officials and the media are invited to participate in the Scholarly Excellence Rallies and to learn about the important discovery happening at New Mexico State University. 

If you would like to nominate a scholarly achievement to be considered as the subject of a rally, please complete the online nomination form.   Nominations are not necessary for significant funded research efforts.  

Discover more about research at New Mexico State University on this site.  Click on the pictures above to find more about the work of each honored faculty and staff member.  Follow the links in the menus at the top to see and read more about the people and projects that have been honored and the extensive variety of NMSU research.  Discovery happens here!

The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to invite you to a Scholarly Excellence Rally on Friday, November 13, at 9:00 a.m. in room 111 at O’Donnell Hall.   The rally will honor Associate Professor Kathryn Hanley of the Department of Biology.   She is the principal investigator of a project funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, one of the National Institutes of Health.   The $400,000 grant will allow Dr. Hanley to further her research into dengue fever studying Mechanisms of Competitive Displacement by Lineages of Mosquito-Borne Dengue Virus.      

After introductory remarks, Dr. Hanley will present an overview of the project and its expected outcomes.   At 9:30, she will be available to answer questions.  Light refreshments will be served after the presentation.   We look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 13. 

The remaining fall rally will also be at 9:00 am in O’Donnell Hall room 111.

  • November 20, Arrowhead Center, recent NMSU patents and patent applications